Sometimes I am stunned when Prabowo tells about something. Sometimes it sounds a bit weird and seemed to be the story he is telling it has no meaning. Even I thought it likes fad particularly when somebody tells me about his interacts with his subordinates.

For your information, Prabowo had told me that one of his routine activities is checking the kitchen, equipment, foods, seasons, even the cooking oil.

It is a direct checking and investigation without represented by others!

I was laughing at that time. What?!!! I don’t believe it. At the end in order to prove my doubt I was asking to investigate by myself. I am searching the people who work and stay in the same barracks with Prabowo as their direct commander when they were on army duties.

Meanwhile, for the time being I only have the chance to ask kitchen manager in Hambalang Residence. I am very surprising by the fact that all my doubts are wrong. Prabowo has done those things. I want to crosscheck them once again, but now I believe I will encounter with the same truth. So, I have an idea perhaps I am going to ask some mothers or EMAK-EMAK to do it for me.

Now, I am reminded by Allah the most merciful that I shouldn’t underestimate the kitchen checking activities.  Prabowo has the momentum proving that what he frequently does is the right thing.


Mothers or Emak-Emak are the kitchen masters who have inspiration to defend Prabowo. Now they settle a movement and they are getting out from the kitchen and ready to be in war for one purpose; showing the POWER OF EMAK-EMAK.

NO NEED bayonet knife and ballistic missiles. They only need their own mobile phones and fingers in attacking “perception injections made by the master who increases the prices of staple food. The dangerous thing is that the master is supported by their media instruments and surveys in order to prolong the power.

Sometimes the mothers or Emak-Emak get down to the streets wearing T-shirts that are believed not to have the capacity to stumble the president. For sure the overconfidence is part of additional hypocrisy in which the mother declarations and movements are blocked in some places. The declaration is a constitutional action supported by the law of speech freedom.  Do you think so?

In deep respect to mothers

Bend over to the mothers’ knee

Sorry mother for using the picture for the illustration.

BY: Hazmi Srondol