“Just relax, take it easy, I will be the president when citizens are looking for me…”

I will never forget that sentence.

The sentence was pronounced several times while patting my shoulder to calm me down because I mourned for the defeat in presidential election in 2014. Prabowo asked me to be patient for the sake of nation safety because it is more than everything else.

It was the mid of October 2014, but I still didn’t understand at that time. I was so totally hurt and disappointed. It was not because of the surprising result of the final counting that I considered weird, but for the news I got that Prabowo had given military comity to Jokowi when he came to Kertanegara Residence. I thought it wasn’t the right time to do such a thing.

The days passing bye, it was an occasion, I could say a bit exaggerated, so called “digital spiritual experience”, an experience in the digital world that made me realize that Prabowo is right to do such a thing.

I have educational background and profession in telecommunication, marketing internet, and writing whom I frequently discuss with my colleagues who have the same interest. We were sad together, moreover how we witnessed the” incumbent” who just being inaugurated showing his aggressiveness to dominate the searching  trend in Google, Yahoo, even in social media such as Facebook, IG, and twitter and other mainstream media that supported him fully.

We used various measurement parameters to watch all the movement in the digital world. From volume Query Trend, LSI Suggestion, Social Media Signal, to New Keyword Natural in order to get big data information maximally. We watched all the time about the volume, variety, and velocity of the news and information about “the incumbent now”. We took turn to do all of them.

We indeed admitted the incumbent enjoys the luxury as a president. Even a small thing turned to be viral such as celebrating his son and daughter marriages. All of it will finally flocked into one destination; high electable popularity until 99% if they could make it.

However, all praise is due to God alone- per second when this writing is made the plan is totally fail now.

The aggressiveness was only working until the end of 2016. From the early 2017 to 2018 the popularity of the incumbent is STUCKED. Let alone increases, however the trend is down. No single movement to uptrend the popularity higher than that in 2016. Until now the incumbent popularity is STUCKED in 40%.

We are ridiculously seeing the panicky and worry of incumbent media team and survey with their actions.  They cover the entire down trend with frequent survey from the hired survey institutions, still they cannot hide the fact that the trend is getting down. Ideally the incumbent needs at least 51% electable popularity.

From the STUCKED electable popularity of the incumbent, a big question is now to be asked; how and what can make Prabowo take over and overturn the incumbent trend that is being produced since he has ruled the country?

We are waiting for two years seeing this. Even the trend #2019GantiPresiden (2019ChangePresident) surges strongly in the surface  at  80% trend in all searching machine engine of social media has not converted totally to be Prabowo’s. Seemingly there are many figures who want to replace the president. The digital team of each candidate tries to patch hoping to his own.

Of course, we witness the uptrend for Prabowo since now on when he has walked down to the field of Provincial general election in Central and West Java. Even though his trend still under the “STUCKED” incumbent.

All of sudden, after Eid Al-Fitr 2018, Prabowo has broadcasted live streaming in his official Facebook that firstly lively broadcasted on June 19th 2018 directly invited 200,000 viewers,   tens of thousands comments, and thousands of people who shared the live program in their own social media.

Moreover, the live streaming program during Halal bi Halal with GERINDRA frameworks in Semarang on June 23rd 2018 continued in the next day, and June 26th 2018. This time was unbearable in which invited several counter parts of youngsters to have discussion with Prabowo. At that time, the logo of DIGDAYA TV has existed and the program format resembles “Hardtalk in BBC TV.  As the result the viewers are nearly half-million.        

This is a joyful thing, but more than that the program has received tens of thousands of comments and shares. This is assumed as miracle in the digital world. It was like electrocuted in algorithm and internet big data. A real surprise and drastic change.

In a technical language, the existence of live discussion has made many media searching and finding out about. Hundred digital media, digital forums, individual news statuses have talked about Prabowo and the discussions.

Hundreds of thousands even millions of fingers have typed and searched the key word according to theirs mindsets: PRABOWO!

This searching habit of the masses at the end will be calculated to be the trend volume and keyword suggestion. Two fundamental things that will be considered as TREND according to survey institutions or even bloggers to be monitored and understood as the element of electable popularity.


this trend is presented wider and according to technical idea of LSI (Latent Sematic Indexing) functions as the main key word ”PRABOWO” and extending into more detail searching such Prabowo Muda (Young Prabowo), Prabowo Tegas (firm Prabowo), Prabowo Jujur (Honest Prabowo), Pilpres Prabowo (Presidential election Prabowo) even to longer searching such who will be the vice of Prabowo?

Interestingly, many information sites that previously never or rarely visited suddenly received “impromptu guests”.

Compilation from derivative live streaming discussion with Prabowo has produced turn upside down effect, particularly, if it is head to head between Prabowo and incumbent. The incumbent will be toppled, done, and knocked out even he has been supported by his luxurious infrastructures and mainstream media.

Meanwhile, Prabowo for a recent week has succeeded making crossing graphic.  He has made a taking over trend and reached popularity and electability from around 52% to 65%. It is convincingly that the trend will leave the incumbent behind after Prabowo together with his vice has officially announced by General Election Commission or KPU.

So, shortly the main point of winning trend of Prabowo that I have explained in detail here is one thing: citizens who are searching for him are higher than those people are searching the incumbent. Even I totally agree with the digital team of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) who has mentioned that the winning trend of Prabowo is around 62%.

So, Please Pak Prabowo, keep your promise to the next president,   since right now the voters or the citizens have been looking for you.

By Hazmi Srondol